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F-Zero- Big Blue


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What if Mike Mignola had drawn Mario?
Aaand.. now I think I have Mignola out of my system for today.


What if Mike Mignola had drawn Mario?

Aaand.. now I think I have Mignola out of my system for today.


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Exactly one month away…

I’m unsure if this is old, but the official Fire Emblem: Awakening page has a nice two-minute trailer (much longer than the short clip Nintendo posted on Wednesday).

PREORDER: Fire Emblem: Awakening, other upcoming games


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Luigi ain’t afraid of no ghosts!


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Third Batch Commissions #002Nidoking making a heart - Leslie DeMent


Third Batch Commissions #002
Nidoking making a heart - Leslie DeMent


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History of Nintendo 2012

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Happy new year everyone!

Here’s a few new in-progress screenshots. Level generation now includes two additional bedroom types, and while the artwork still needs to be inserted for most of the random objects, room generation is in there and didn’t irreparably break anything, which I call progress!

More updates coming soon. Hoping to get the bedroom objects inserted this weekend. That’ll leave a few more room types (every house needs at least one bathroom, right), after which it’ll be time to get the enemy AI working properly.

And remember, you can sign up to be a tester here:

Other updates:

  • Visibility Meter is now effected by lights and whether they’re turned on or off
  • Visibility Meter takes into account player movement and if the player is hidden in a room or not
  • Visibility meter now checks whether or not the player is near a sound-generating object, and if that object is on or off. For example, the player can turn on a radio to distract enemies, and if they get far enough away from it then the enemy is more likely to go see what’s going on with the radio than chase the player. Yay, strategy!
  • More sound effects now implemented 


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hello, here is a video i started making 2 years ago, and finally finished it today for god only knows what reason

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